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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Check and Balance

Impeach / Convict

It's nice to see people finally coming around to the idea that Impeachment is the only option we have to save our country from the ruinous policies of George W. Bush.   It's not like he has not given reasons a plenty.   Bush's entire reign of terror aimed at the destruction of our Constitution has documented time and again his utter disdain for the rule of law.

The Bush Administration is the Wal-Mart Impeachment Super Store with aisle after aisle of marked down Impeachment causes.   The Red-Light Special of the Week turns out to be his signing statement that supposedly allows him to open first class mail.

Fear not entrepid Impeachment Shoppers, the Cheney, Addington support and guidance for more and better signing statements is still in full operation.   No outsourcing of jobs here folks.   Nothin' but good ole homegrown NeoCon ideolougues cookin' the books for Corporatistic Facism comin' to a neighborhood near you...   Soon...

Wherein I Am Reluctantly Dragged Against My Will Into the Pro-Impeachment Camp

My Left Wing

by: thereisnospoon
Fri Jan 05, 2007

Well, when a destructive person hell-bent on saving his own ass or taking everything and everyone down with him continues to bluff, threaten and up the ante, the only pragmatic thing to do is to call that bluff before the ante gets too expensive for well-meaning people to contemplate.

And Impeachment really is the only option left. This was really crystalized for me in a thread on Free Republic of all places, where a commenter ironically named "Founding Father" really laid out the bare bones of the matter in a thread on Bush's laughable plan to balance the budget by 2012:

Constitutionally speaking, the President doesn't have to spend money congress appropriates; the President, through his justice department doesn't have to enforce laws congress passes; the President, again through his justice department and other executive departments doesn't have to enforce any federal court ruling (remember Andrew Jackson), I could go on but you catch my drift...

[skip to later comment by same author]

reply to: However, the President refusing to enforce Constitutional laws isn't among those checks within the Constitution.

Sorry, I didn't realize I needed to point out the obvious, which is the President refuses to do so because he doesn't believe the law is constitutional and since he has equal standing with the other branches the judicial branch can do nothing and the legislative branch has only the impeachment/conviction option.

As batshit crazy and on the wrong side of the issue as he is, the guy is right: Impeachment is the final pragmatic check and balance on a President who behaves like an Emperor. To many of these people, it is the ONLY check or balance on such a president. Indeed, in the minds of Bush and his legal team, a President can literally get away with almost ANYTHING and it's not a problem (as Nixon said, "If the President does it, that means it's legal")--after all, if the Congress finds him to be out of control, they can always impeach him! That's the check and balance!

So what we have now is a President who figures it's okay to open your mail without a warrant--after all, who's to stop him? If Congress thinks it's such a bad idea, we'll just move to impeach, right? Because if we don't move to impeach, it shows we just really didn't care bad enough--or that we figure we've got more to lose than he does.

And like the childish, addictive, irresponsible criminal he is, he'll use the same logic to continue upping the ante, calling our bluff, and DARING us to do something about it.

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