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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Voters First Pledge

Ask Your Rep To Sign It I will be sending this to all my reps and candidates.   The Ohio Elections this november will be fascinating to watch.   There are many strong Democratic Candidates and a few that are threatening Republican Incumbents.

The Democratic Candidate for Governor is my Representative Ted Strickland.   Sherrod Brown is making quite an effort to unseat Mike DeWine (Republican Rubber Stamp for Bush) and he will definately get one also.   Please take the time to find out how your elected lawmakers feel about the issues raised in this pledge.   - fc

The Voters First Pledge
It’s time to clean up Congress.

The public is losing faith in Congress. With so much pressure to fundraise to win and keep their offices, politicians focus on donors rather than the people they are supposed to represent. Too many politicians appear to care more about what lobbyists and powerful interests think than they do about the pressing problems faced by most Americans.

Voters are tired of "politics as usual." We want solutions that improve fairness in campaign fundraising and allow new voices and ideas to be heard. We want an end to the headlines about scandals involving the powerful interests and lobbyists in Washington. We want more public reporting of the relationships between lobbyists and the people we elect to serve our interests.

Powerful interests and lobbyists spend millions of dollars to gain access to our elected officials, and are rewarded with billions of taxpayer dollars in return. Potential leaders of tomorrow who refuse to play this game or don’t have access to millions can't get a start in politics today.

It's time to clean up Congress by putting voters first. For our nation's future, vision and voters should matter more than donors and their dollars.

In 2006, American voters are demanding real change that goes beyond empty slogans. To ensure that Congress is accountable to voters, we urge all candidates to sign the Voters First Pledge.

Tell politicians to sign the pledge below today.

By signing below, I pledge to put voters before lobbyists by supporting legislation to:

1. Make Elections Fair.
Establish and enforce campaign spending limits by providing a set amount of public funding for all candidates who agree to take no private contributions.

2. Restore Accountability.
Pass and enforce meaningful new restrictions on gifts and travel from lobbyists and other powerful interests for members of Congress.

3. Protect Voters' Right-To-Know.
Require full disclosure on the internet of all lobbyists' contributions and any fundraising help members of Congress get from lobbyists.

Signature of federal candidate:

Take This Action ...
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