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Friday, May 19, 2006

Kick The Oil Habit

Tell The Oil Companies We all know it is coming and it may not be so very far into our future as the oil companies would like for us to belive.   The transition to alternative fuels and energy sources needs to start with us and it needs to start now.   - fc
Kick The Oil HabitTell Big Oil to Support Renewable Fuels Like E85

More than five million American cars are already equipped to run on E85, a cheaper, cleaner, homegrown, renewable alternative to gasoline. Unfortunately, only about 600 of America's 170,000 gas stations currently offer this alternative fuel. Tell ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Shell, Valero, and ConocoPhillips to double the number of E85 pumps over the next year and provide E85 at half of all gas stations within a decade.
Dear Energy Company Executives:

We need to act now to move away from expensive polluting imported oil and towards clean, innovative American alternatives. I am asking America's largest oil and gas companies to take the E85 pledge to double the number of E85 pumps in the next year and provide E85 at half of all gas stations within a decade.

I would appreciate your prompt reply.

Thank you.

The following groups support the Kick the Oil Habit campaign.

Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund
Consumers Union
Apollo Alliance
Californians for Clean Energy
Environmental Action
Oil Change International
Vote Solar is a campaign of the Center for American Progress Action Fund

For the latest news and commentary about energy alternatives, please visit our blog: Think Progress



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