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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another NSA Scandal

Democracy For America In light of the news today that the NSA has been datamining our phone numbers, it is necessary to ask this Rubber Stamp Congress to investigate this critical issue.   Michael Hayden was the man who was in charge of this operation during his tenure at the head of the NSA from 2001 to 2005.   It will be important for him to answer questions about this during his confirmation hearings to become head of the CIA.   I don't think the Republicans will be so anxious to get that hearing underway now that this scandal has been piled on top of the previous domestic spying issues...   - fc

Tracked by the NSA

Attn: Senator Bill Frist, Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Dennis Hastert, Representative Nancy Pelosi

It has recently been exposed that the National Security Agency has been collecting the personal and business call records of tens of millions of innocent Americans. This is an intrusion on privacy. I call on you, as leaders of a co-equal branch of our government, to investigate this matter fully. In order to fully understand the breadth of this program, all witness testimony should be delivered under oath.

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