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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stop the Hypocrisy!

Tell the Religious Right: Stop the Hypocrisy! The leaders of the Religious Right have been swept up in the Abramoff Scandal yet no mention of it in the M$M.   When they need airtime for bashing gays or trying to wash away 200 years of Seperation of Church and State, they get plenty.   Their hypocrisy is so transparent...   Their flock of sheeple are so gullable...   - fc
Tell the Religious Right: Stop the Hypocrisy
Tell the Religious Right:
Stop the Hypocrisy

The leaders of the religious right have long preached against the moral evils of gambling. But now James Dobson, Lou Sheldon and Ralph Reed have been exposed as base hypocrites, knee-deep in the muck of the Jack Abramoff scandal -- they took millions of dollars of Abramoff's gambling money to lobby against his clients' competitors.

• Former Christian Coalition Director Ralph Reed made millions from Indian gambling interests, rallying religious conservatives to oppose competing casinos.
• James Dobson of Focus on the Family recorded anti-gambling ads that a casino-operating Indian tribe paid to air.
• Lou Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition was paid $25,000 by online gambling outfit eLottery to lobby congress on its behalf.

It's time for the hypocrisy to end. Millions of Americans have taken their moral cues from these men, only to find out now that they are in bed with the very interests they've earned their living condemning. These so-called leaders need to stop telling others how to act, and start practicing what they preach.

Tell Ralph Reed, Louis Sheldon and James Dobson to stop the hypocrisy -- and donate all their Abramoff money to Gamblers Anonymous.
To : Ralph Reed, Louis Sheldon and James Dobson

For years, you've attacked the freedom of women to control their own bodies, waged war on gay marriage, and fought to erode one of the most central tenets of our Constitution: the separation between church and state.

You've always claimed the moral high ground, asserting the right to tell people how to live and condemning millions of Americans for actions you deemed immoral. But your high ground is washed away. After years of condemning gambling as a social ill, you're caught knee-deep in pro-gambling campaigns hatched by convicted felon Jack Abramoff.

It's time to stop telling others how to act, and start practicing what you preach.

End your hypocrisy, and donate all the money you received from Jack Abramoff and his clients to Gamblers Anonymous.

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