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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Censure Bush

Support Feingold!
It is time to stand up for America and help support Feingold's Censure To The President.   The rule of law must be held as the top priority for all Americans.   Bush is not above the law no matter what spin and rhetoric they force feed to the press.   Even tho this Censure will not be effective because of the Republican Corrupt Congress, it is still important to stand behind Senator Feingold and have it on the record at this time.   No, we will not win but it is a fight worth fighting, for the principal of it.   - fc
President Bush Must be Censured for Breaking the Law

"Congress must censure President Bush for breaking the law to wiretap American citizens without a warrant."
President Bush should be censured for breaking the law by illegally wiretapping American citizens.

When the president misleads the public and the Congress and willfully and repeatedly breaks the law, there need to be some consequences --that's how the law works for everybody else. Censuring the president is a reasonable first step in condemning his actions.

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