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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tell Bush NO

Port Deal Must Go! I have found this port deal to be absolutely unbelievable.   Not because they are muslim but because of the 9-11 terrorist aspect.   Bush was seen as imcompetent over the handling of Katrina and now stands to loose credibility over the security of this nation.   Everything is trumped by the almighty dollar.   If a corporation wants it done, it must be rubber-stamped by Bush.   It truely boggles the mind.   "We The People" is slowly being replaced with "We The Corporations"...   - fc
President Bush, Stop the Dubai Ports World Deal

Dubai Ports World is fully owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates -- a country whose capital city USA Today recently called a "logistical hub" for terrorism. (In fact, more than half the Sept. 11th hijackers flew directly from Dubai to the United States.) It's also a nation whose royal family met with Osama Bin Laden in 1999, preventing a U.S. airstrike on Bin Laden; the UAE is also known for its refusal to recognize Israel and its anti-Semitic rhetoric.
I'm writing to express to you my deep opposition to the recently-approved deal to turn over operations of six of our major American seaports to Dubai Ports World, and ask that you approve legislation to block this sale.

As the USA Today has pointed out, Dubai is still a logistical hub for terrorism. The United Arab Emirates has a disturbing record of anti-semitism and involvement with the Bin Laden family.

You're asserting the right to tap our phone lines and curtail our civil liberties as a part of the "war on terror," yet you're pushing to approve this deal without even the comprehensive 45-day review provided for under law? I find that position deeply hypocritical.

Again, I ask that you approve legislation to stop the sale of operations at our ports to Dubai Ports World. I look forward to your response on this issue.