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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Murtha H.J. Res. 73

Support Jack Murtha!
Peace Action has decided to support Murth'a resolution calling for a withdrawal of troups from Iraq.   I share their reservations but this move will be a necessary first step.   There is a list of co-sponsors at Thomas - LOC which allows you to see if your rep has already signed on to this resolution.   Take a look at this list and if they have not, send them this letter asking them to detail their position on it.   I also include in all my efforts to speak to my reps that I will not support anyone who does not support our withdrawal from Iraq.

There have been several lawmakers speaking their mind on this issue.   Congressman Charles Rangel released this statement in support of this bill titled :: "Cong. Jack Murtha brings the courage of Martin Luther King to the debate over Iraq".   Rep. Maxine Waters has also issued a Statement on Iraq.   The text of the Murtha Resolution is available in pdf format at the Brad Blog :: Text of H.J. Res. 73   - fc

Support Congressman John Murtha's Resolution, H.J. Res 73

Congressman John Murtha (D-PA), longtime congressional hawk, has taken a historic stand and has come out against the war in Iraq and for bringing our troops home. A decorated Korean and Vietnam war veteran, Murtha understands the realities of war.

His piece of legislation, HJ Res 73, is not perfect. We at Peace Action, after serious consideration, have decided to support HJ Res 73, which calls for a gradual withdrawal of troops from Iraq over six months. While some details of the bill, including the "over the horizon" presence, do cause us concern, the bill does achieve the immediate goal - full withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq.
As a member of Peace Action, I urge you to support Congressman John Murtha's legislation, H.J. Res 73, calling for a gradual withdrawal of troops from Iraq. With nearly 2,200 American soldiers dead and, in Bush's own words, 30-35,000 Iraqi's dead, it's apparent that our occupation is nothing but the fuel for the insurgency. Peace cannot be achieved until our troops come home.

Please send me a letter detailing your position on H.J. Res 73 and whether or not you intend to support it.

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Urge Congress to End the War in Iraq

I urge you to end the War in Iraq within six months by co-sponsoring these bills:

H.J.Res. 73, To ReDeploy U.S. Forces in Iraq, sponsored by Rep. John Murtha.

H.R. 4232, The End the War in Iraq Act, sponsored by Rep. Jim McGovern.

H.CON.RES. 197, No Permanent Bases in Iraq, sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee.

And the new Kucinich/Paul bipartisan bill that would allow the Iraqi parliament to vote on whether to end the occupation.

I also urge you to sign the discharge petition for H.J.Res. 55, to allow a real debate on the war in the House.

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