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Monday, January 09, 2006

Bush :: Return Abramoff Money

Come Clean Mr. President!
From Act For Change comes this initiative to ask Bush to come clean and return the money Abramoff collected for him in the 2004 Election.   Join me is asking George W. Bush to do the right thing...   fc

President Bush: Disclose and Return ALL Your Abramoff Donations

Jack Abramoff was a "Pioneer" fundraiser for President Bush's 2004 re-election campaign, raising at least $120,000 -- and probably a great deal more -- by bundling together contributions from other individuals and political action committees.

Bush knows keeping donations collected by Abramoff is dead wrong -- in fact, he already donated to charity the $6,000 the Republican operative contributed to his campaign coffers. But despite the fact that Abramoff has pled guilty to multiple felony charges of bribery and corruption, the President still refuses to publicly identify -- or return -- the vast majority of the campaign funds that Abramoff collected for on his behalf as a favored "Pioneer" fundraiser.

Abramoff's guilty pleas have made clear that the public has a powerful interest in knowing the details of Mr. Abramoff's bundled fundraising activities for President Bush. Did Abramoff's clients seek or receive special treatment from the White House in return for these contributions? The President needs to come clean about the money Abramoff raised for him.
You ran for President on a promise to bring honor and integrity "back" into our federal government. Were you referring to the levels of honor and integrity missing since the Nixon administration?

Jack Abramoff has now admitted his guilt on numerous felony charges of bribery and corruption. He was one of your "pioneer" fundraisers and brought at least $120,000 into your 2004 campaign. Yet despite his recent admissions of guilt, from that $120,000 you're donating only $6,000 to charity -- and you still won't come clean about who the rest of that money came from.

Mr. President, come clean with us. Jack Abramoff represents the worst of the worst when it comes to pay-for-play access and favors at the highest levels of our government. The public needs to know which of his cronies helped you get re-elected, and whether they committed any illegal or unethical acts. Otherwise, we'll have to conclude that you accept and condone Mr. Abramoff's illegal conduct.

I look forward to your reply.


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