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Monday, December 12, 2005

Toxic Waste Superfund

Clean Up Toxic Waste!
First hand experience has proven to me how dangerous pollution by oil and chemical companies in South Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas can be.   I worked in the oil fields and for a chemical company that refined bromine for 15 years.   Parts of beautiful natural forests and wildlife refuges were rendered unihabitable and only through tough restoration laws were these areas returned to their pristine states.   Please join with me in supporting the efforts of Rep. Hinchey to put the responsibility for cleanup back on the shoulders of the polluters.   This is a very serious matter and should have top priority for the sake of our country and it's citizens.   - fc

Cleaning Up Toxic Waste

On its 25th Anniversary, the Superfund program, our nation's premier toxic cleanup program, is facing a serious funding shortfall. Since Superfund's polluter pays fees expired in 1995, annual funding has decreased by $400 million. Leaving Superfund bankrupt jeopardizes our ability to protect the environment and human health by delaying and postponing toxic cleanups at hundreds of sites across the nation.

Tell your U.S. Representative to support new legislation from Rep. Hinchey to reinstate the Superfund fee system.

Reinstate Polluter Pays Fees

Please co-sponsor Congressman Hinchey's new bill to increase funding for the federal Superfund program. Since polluter pays fees expired in 1995, annual funding levels for Superfund have declined by $400 million while the financial burden on American taxpayers has increased 377%.

Superfund suffers persistent funding shortfalls that jeopardize human health by delaying toxic cleanups. Superfund must be returned to financial stability and polluters, not taxpayers, should be responsible for paying to clean up toxic pollution.


Rep Hinchey's Press Release



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