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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rangel Petition on Torture

Tell Bush - No To Torture!
Congressman Charlie Rangel has initiated a petition in support of the McCain Amendment.   As was in the case of the Friends Committee on National Legislation appeal to ensure the McCain Amendment is passed intact, this petition does the same.   Join with me in making a concerted effort to

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Petition in Support of McCain Amendment to Stop Torture by American Troops

My signature on this petition indicates my belief that the United States must have a clear and unambiguous policy against the torture of those who are in the custody of the US Military and the intelligence services. There can be no justification for the further erosion of sacred principals upon which Americans have prided themselves for generations. The current policy of condoning torture puts our troops at risk and has done great damage to our reputation at home and abroad. I urge the United States Congress to insist on the highest possible standard and pass the Defense Authorization Bill with the McCain anti-torture amendment intact.

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