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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tell Washington to Get Serious About Iraq

Take a Stand For America !
fatcat politicsDemocracy For America has initiated a drive to pledge support for candidates who actually have Americas best interest in their heart.   The "Culture of Corruption" that is the Bush Administration only have the interest of the rich and the megacorps for an agenda.   The cronyism of no-bid contracts to the reckless loss of billions of dollars under the American backed interim government in Iraq have taught us a powerful lesson.   Corruption breeds corruption from the White House to the Green Zone.   It is up to the netroots to show that we will not tolerate this any longer.   Please take the time to sign this pledge.   - fc

DFA PledgeDemocracy For America :: Sign The Pledge

The war in Iraq began two years ago, on a promise of security -- and a web of deception. Now the mistruths have fallen away -- and we see a presidency, and American prestige, sunk in a quagmire. This is unacceptable. Take the pledge to send to Washington only those leaders with the courage to face the Iraq mess head-on.

I pledge to only support candidates who:

1. Acknowledge that the U.S. was misled into the war in Iraq

2. Advocate for a responsible exit plan with a timeline

3. Support our troops at home and abroad

As we sign the pledge, our names will appear on the Democracy for America pledge map. Let's fill it from coast to coast—so that candidates and the media can't help but see it.