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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Stop the Pentagon's Illegal Database

Leave My Child Alone !
fatcat politicsYou may or may not be familar with a little know provision [Section 9528) pdf file] of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 ("NCLB") Initiative that Bush so famiously underfunded.   It allows Military Recruiters to collect information from your high school about your children.   The Leave My Child Alone website was created by the Working For Change Action Committee to educate parents in the procedure to "Opt Out" their children from this abusive intrusion into our privacy.   The Bush Administration was not happy with this effort so they have created a database (JAMRS) in the Pentagon which does the same thing.   Senator Jon Corzine sent Sec. Rumsfeld a letter requesting that this database be stopped.   I could find no response to this letter.   Peace Action is now making an effort to allow us to send our representatives a letter asking that they stand up for our rights to privacy and stop this abuse and restore our childrens right to privacy.   If you have children or grandkids, it is up to you to take this action.   This Orwellian abuse will not go away on it's own.   Do More Than Just Vote!  - fc

Peace ActionStop the Pentagon's Illegal Database

Just when you thought you had opted-out...

The Big Brothers at the Pentagon want our youth's information in order to more effectively target them for use in Bush's wars!

In a desperate attempt to more aggressively target prospective recruits, the Pentagon is contracting with private companies to create a massive military recruiting database full of extensive personal information on more than 30 million young Americans, between the ages of 16 and 25. This invasive initiative is not only an alarming violation of all citizens' privacy, but it conflicts with the federal Privacy Act and it's also an ILLEGAL use of tax-payers' money!

Send a letter to your Representative today urging him or her to stop the Illegal Pentagon database and protect student prvacy today!
Dear Honorable,

I am writing in opposition to the Pentagon's creation of the Joint Advertising and Market Research Studies (JAMRS) Recruiting Database. It creates a single central facility within the DOD to compile, process and distribute files on individuals that would contain the personal information of 30 million U.S. residents who are 16-25 years of age. This project is one of many invasive Pentagon ploys to intensify military recruiting efforts of youth, as the quagmire in Iraq drags on and recruiting quotas have been missed month after month.

This database further violates the Privacy Act, which was passed by Congress to reduce the government's collection of personal information on Americans. The goal of the JAMRS Database is to increase military recruitment and retention, by not only tracking extensive personal data on millions of youth, but by further proposing market research studies such as tracking polls of young adults' and their mothers' attitudes towards military service. The DOD has reported that it plans to include in this database Social Security Numbers, race, and educational information; and entrust this information to BeNow, a commercial direct marketing company. Benow, recently acquired by the credit reporting company Equifax, does not even have a privacy policy and there exists no protocol by which youth and their families can "opt-out" of this enormous database.

For these reasons, and because of the potential for abuse and the threat to the personal privacy rights of a generation of American youth, I urge you to sponsor legislation that will immediately end this alarming and illegal project.

I look forward to hearing your response to this matter.

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