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Monday, October 31, 2005

No Pardons for Treason

Let Justice Be Served!
fatcat politics There is no graver crime than to mislead a country into war, and then lie to cover it up.

The case of who disclosed the identity of Valerie Plame, a CIA covert operative working to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction, reaches into the highest levels of the White House. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has now indicted Assistant to the President and Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Scooter Libby. Senior Advisor to the President Karl Rove has yet to be indicted but is still under investigation.

This case has always been about the Bush Administration's brazen efforts to mislead the American public into supporting the invasion of Iraq. With the nation in mourning for our 2000 slain soldiers, nothing could be more offensive than to pardon those who misled us, covered it up, and then endangered the lives of undercover CIA agents in order to intimidate those who stood up for the truth.

This isn't a failed real estate deal or a stained blue dress -- this is the national security of the United States. Thousands have already died, with more to come. Regrettably, we cannot be sure that justice will be served in this case. President Bush has the unilateral power to pardon Libby, Rove and anyone else who might be accused of a crime, even before their trial.

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President Bush :: No Pardons for Treason

Text of the Petition

President Bush:

Your father called them the "most insidious of traitors." He was referring, of course, to those who reveal the identities of America's covert operatives.

It's now abundantly clear that people working in your administration conspired to do precisely that.

We call upon you to publicly renounce any potential use of your presidential pardon and let justice run its course in this case. I hope you agree that there is simply no reason to use pardon powers to shelter those who may have committed acts of treason against our nation.


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