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Friday, October 14, 2005

Conserve Our Ocean Legacy

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It seems every time you turn around Bush is trying to destroy the legacy of conservationists and invornmentalists.   Commpassionate Conservatism at work.   Spend like there is no tomorrow.   Destroy laws that get in their way.   Bush just does not really care about anything but money and power.   It is up to us, the netroots to make a difference.   We must do more than just vote!   - fc

Conserve Our Ocean Legacy

Our oceans are one of America's greatest resources. But the Bush administration is proposing to gut current protections against overfishing, known as National Standard 1, at a time when many fish species in U.S. waters are overfished or in danger of being overfished.

Tell William T. Hogarth, Director of NOAA Fisheries, that our country needs stronger protections for our oceans, not weaker ones.

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