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Saturday, September 10, 2005

New America Initiative

John Edwards' Letter To Bush
Build a New America

Even in this horrible tragedy, we have an opportunity to make life better than it was for thousands of impoverished Americans along the Gulf Coast. Through our New America Initiative, the victims of this disaster would be given the opportunity to rebuild the neighborhoods and cities they lost, and they, in turn, will have a jobs to work, wages to earn, and the pride of feeling that their futures are in their own hands. Thank you for pledging your support for this crucial initiative.

John Edwards

President Bush,

The victims of Hurricane Katrina need the opportunity to rebuild their communities and to make life better than it was before.

Our New America Initiative would create such opportunity. Under the New America Initiative, our government would provide the victims of this disaster with the skills, materials, and planning they need to resurrect and revitalize their region, and they would in turn have good-paying jobs and the pride of knowing that their futures are in their own hands.

Please make the New America Initiative a priority as you plan for this region's future.

By giving those who have suffered a stake in the rebuilding process, we can restore hope to both the region and its people.

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