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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

National I.D. Cards

Just Say NO!
John Conyers Jr. opposes the creation of a national ID card because it will mean thousands of poor people in this country will not be able to vote.   The simple fact is that many minority and poor voters do not have the time, money or need to purchase a drivers license. In fact, over ten percent of eligible voters in the last election did not have a photo ID. They vote by presenting other means of identification, e.g. a voter registration card, utility bill, or affidavit.   The implausible claim is made that Congress will pay for ID cards for those who cannot afford to buy them.   Yet, given the shortfalls in funding and implementation of HAVA-mandated election resources, combined with the multibillion-dollar costs for restoration of the Gulf Coast and the ongoing war in Iraq, we know this is not going to happen.   Please help him get the message out that these cards are not necessary to vote.   Regards - fc

Conyers' Letter to Congressional Leadership
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