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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How Dare They!

Katrina Money for Halliburton?
Public Campaign Action Fund has created this petition to bring attention to the fact that Bush and his cronies are more than willing to take advantage of the gulf coast disaster.   Why did Bush have to suspend the prevailing wage.   Why do not they put people of the area affected to work in rebuilding and restoration?   All they know is greed and power.   Take the time to sign this petition.   Regards - fc

Text of Petition

I am disturbed by news reports that companies are looking to profit from their political connections by getting no bid contracts in the Gulf Coast. The clean-up work and the reconstruction of New Orleans and other places destroyed by Katrina should be awarded to those well-qualified for the job, not those who are well-connected. I demand that you set up a competitive, but streamlined, bidding process that guarantees that the work gets done by professionals, not cronies.

How Dare They? :: petition
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