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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Roberts' Nomination Petitions

NeoConAlertThese petitions from DU Activist Corps seek caution and even opposition to Roberts' Nomination.   You decide...   - fc

Alliance for Justice
"Urge Your Senator to Thoroughly Examine Roberts' Record"
American Association of University Women
"Urge a Thorough Review of Supreme Court Nominee"
Democracy For America
"No Rubber Stamps"
"Oppose John Roberts' Supreme Court Nomination"
People for the American Way
"Send your senators a message right now encouraging them to withhold judgment on Judge John Roberts until his record has been thoroughly reviewed."
Planned Parenthood
"Contact your senator NOW and urge him or her to require answers about Roberts' views on a woman’s right to privacy, health, and safety."
"Tell Your Senators to oppose anti-choice John Roberts!"
True Majority
"Reject Bush's Supreme Court Nominee"

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