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Monday, July 04, 2005

Progressive Activism Sites

Big Brass Alliance

MoveOn pac :: Ohio

the free press

People For the American Way

US Public Interest Research Group
Public Interest Research Group
Democracy For America

he People's Email Network

Start Change
Common Cause
Act For Change
John Conyers Blog
Barbara Boxer's PAC For A Change
Public Citizen



  • Here's another Activist site. It proposes radical policies that could end poverty forever,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/02/2006 11:14 AM  

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    By Anonymous Scott Arthur Edwards, at 8/15/2006 8:12 AM  

  • Invitation to review my website and link to it.

    I am writing you today because your concerns are one of a throng of progressive ones that have never accumulated enough political thrust to achieve liftoff. This is because progressives restrict themselves to their topic of passion, and therefore operate in small, disorganized special interest groups, instead of uniting under an overarching banner and furthering their goals holistically and with overwhelming power. This deficiency has occurred at every level of political action: local, regional, national, continental and global; it has also been the case for every topic of discussion: human rights, environment, identity politics, education, justice, health, labor, democracy, peace, etc. Each has operated in a political vacuum isolated from its peers.

    The overarching banner -- under which all these disparate and incoherent groups could operate as one -- is World Peace. Their adversaries, at every level, are united behind their own holistic value system: the perpetuation of and preparation for World War, in direct contradiction to every progressive value. While we operate in individual power packets, isolated and weak due to our separation by topic and locality, and in direct competition for limited resources; they operate holistically, globally and monolithically, and draw from enormous resources. Regardless of their strategic differences, their tactics, governance and power systems are coherent and therefore overwhelm our incoherent ones.

    We cannot achieve significant transformation until we become more united than them. More so, indeed, since our values are naturally cooperative, interconnected, and profitable; whereas theirs are competitive, divergent and destructive. It is a supreme paradox that they have operated holistically for so long, while we have operated reductively for the same amount of time. The natural order of things would allow us to reverse these priorities and ascendancies, since we would be swimming with the stream, and they against it, for the first time in history. Until then, we face infinite frustration, helplessness and denial; this has been the case for thousands of years.

    For the first time in history, we have the means, motive and opportunity to defy the value system of WeaponWorld and overcome it, restore PeaceWorld to its rightful dominion, and materialize every progressive ideal and institution with more vigor and universality than their own. Do you understand this and are you ready to see it through?

    You and your friends might find interesting reading in LEARNERS: On the Move from WeaponWorld to PeaceWorld, my Web samizdat on World Peace.

    This text studies what we need to construct a solid World Peace in our lifetime. I am looking for fellow Learners, expert translators in every language, and genius illustrators who would work on it the same way I do: just for the glory of getting it done.

    • Why we’re not there already;
    • How we achieve it; and
    • What we should expect once we get there.

    Erasmus used the new printing press to broadcast his dream of Humanism. I use World Wide Web to broadcast my dream of PeaceWorld. Thereafter, it was just a question of the receptivity and enthusiasm of those who bother to read something new. Our ambitions were equally monumental. We shall see if a global readership rises once again to the occasion.

    Please search – “learners: chapter summaries” – in Google.


    Please tell your friends about this discovery you’ve made. Tell me, too, what you think. Put the word “LEARNERS” in your Subject line, so I can sift your valuable message from the spam downpour.

    Any search of my site that I detect originating from yours, will trigger a reciprocal link on my site. Thank you for your attentive consideration. I would be delighted to hear back from you.

    Learners of the world! Rally here!

    In cheerful anticipation, mark mulligan

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/10/2008 12:23 AM  

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